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Sonopress increases focus on Spanish market

The global media service provider Sonopress has concluded a sales cooperation with the Spanish company Xtern to strengthen the market position in the optical data media segments of CD, DVD and  

Three million Ultra HD Blu-ray discs in a single year. Sonopress Achieves Another Milestone

A few days ago, the global media services provider Sonopress achieved another milestone in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray production. Almost exactly one year after the first disc in the new, high-resolution  

Sonopress Joins Blu-ray Partners France

The global media services provider Sonopress will henceforth put its 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray production expertise at the service of Blu-ray Partners France, an alliance formed by leading entertainment  

Lübbe Audio and Sonopress are extending their collaboration – long term

Lübbe Audio, Bastei Lübbe’s audiobook programme, and the global media service provider Sonopress are continuing their successful collaboration. A longer-term contract has now been concluded and  

Sonopress produces Ultra HD for Warner Bros

Sonopress GmbH, a company in the Bertelsmann Group, has produced the highly anticipated Ultra HD Blu-ray disc for the US market on behalf of major Hollywood player Warner Bros. The first titles to be  

Sonopress receives certification for 100-gigabyte disc

Huge success for Sonopress: The high-tech company, which is among the world’s leading manufacturers of optical storage media, succeeded in completing the process development of the three-layer Ultra  

The first million have been delivered

Sonopress manufactures Ultra HD discs for Hollywood studios and distributors. It has now been six months since they began production in March. Sonopress, a company in the Bertelsmann Group, has  

Sonopress wins coveted innovation award

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) has awarded Sonopress for its market launch of the Ultra HD Blu-ray 100 optical disc, naming it “Best Digital Product or Service