Sonopress offers a broad portfolio for the entire entertainment sector: music, film, games, audiobooks, software, magazine inserts.

The media and entertainment sector is undergoing radical change. Digitisation is the magic word. New technologies and distribution models have to be developed, and safety requirements and regulatory conditions have to be met. The digital age holds many challenges – and many opportunities.

Sonopress is a market leader in integrated solutions for the entire value chain: from digital copying, replication and fulfilment to digitisation, archiving, asset management, distribution/supply chain management, financial services and electronic content distribution. All of these processes are supported by innovative end-to-end IT systems.

Integrated service solutions for the markets of the future

With integrated global supply chain services from e-commerce to after sales, we design intelligent, modern business processes for the markets of tomorrow in this quickly changing landscape on behalf of our customers.

As part of the global association formed by the Bertelsmann Marketing Services, we combine operational strengths and innovations with 58 years of experience and reliable partnership for customised, cross-sector concepts for 21st century entertainment markets.

These ever-changing markets mean skills and processes that consistently cover both the traditional elements of the entertainment industry as well as new and emerging requirements are absolutely crucial. Translating this into integrated, product and market-oriented service solutions that open up added value, for example through additional market segments and new customers, demonstrates our strengths and the advantage to your business.

Sonopress and its employees live by this holistic strategy and provide fresh impetus day after day by following the “product to solution” principle, including where environmental aspects are involved.

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