At our headquarters in Gütersloh, we produce 1.5 million data storage media devices every day in all of the standard formats: CD, DVD, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray, Pure Audio Blu-ray, SACD, 8-cm discs, vinyl.

Data, information and content – all of these need a data storage medium to reach their intended recipients. Sonopress is represented by production and replication sites on three continents and in a total of six countries, where we replicate our customers’ content – a process that is consistently high quality, quick, reliable and customisable.

Our equipment meets the highest technical requirements with respect to quality and scalability. Before we deliver our products, we compare them bit for bit so we can be sure that their quality always fulfils the highest demands.


Compact discs are optical mass storage devices developed to digitally store music. The CD’s unrivalled, favourable cost to storage capacity ratio makes it one of the music industry’s most important media worldwide.


DVDs are mass storage devices with a storage capacity of either 4.7 gigabytes (single layer) or 8.5 gigabytes (dual layer). DVDs are produced in two variants for the film industry (DVD 5 and DVD 9), and consist of two 0.6-mm thick halves.

Xbox One, Xbox 360

Sonopress is certified by Microsoft as a replicator for the production of Xbox One and Xbox 360 discs, making it a strategic partner in the gaming industry. The highest quality and security standards take absolute priority here.

Blu-ray Disc

The Blu-ray disc is hailed as the successor to the DVD and uses a blue or violet laser beam at a wavelength of 405 nm and a numerical aperture of 0.85. Compared to the DVD’s red laser system, the diameter of the scanning beam is reduced, thereby achieving a significant increase in storage capacity.

Ultra HD Blu-ray

UHD BD format features a resolution that is four times higher than traditional Blu-ray discs, and provides markedly improved contrast in 4K format on the newest generation of TV screens. A higher refresh rate and more expansive colour space ensure the ultimate in image quality, giving you the perfect cinema experience right in your own home. These innovative new data storage media feature a capacity of either 66 or 100 gigabytes using a triple layer disc. Sonopress is so far one of the few companies in the world to become certified in the production of the UHD Blu-ray disc.


SACD uses a higher digital resolution of the audio signal than audio CDs, all the while offering the opportunity to store multi-channel sound (ambient sound) without any data reduction. This results in a special product for the high end sector that delivers exceptional sound properties.


Sonopress got started with vinyl as a record manufacturer in 1958, and continues to offer services for every aspect of the famous black disc. The vinyl boom has reached a new record high. The fascination does not come merely from the analogue playback method. It is also the record covers that send music lovers around the world into ecstasies. A cover is music visualised. In all its complexity and passion. With its affiliate, Topac, Sonopress offers tailor made solutions for perfect record covers.

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