Acting responsibly is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. This is why we work with sustainable products and ensure that our production processes are environmentally sound. This is integrated into both our quality and data security standards. We are already thinking about tomorrow so that our future is bright.

Quality management – ISO 9001

We meet the highest standards in our consulting activities and in the manufacturing of our entertainment products, and we are always working to optimise our processes. Our commitment is confirmed thanks to our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, which involves our quality standards being independently audited.

Information security management system – ISO 27001

To support our business processes, the processing of data – which can be both the intellectual property of our customers and the data required to control our production – is an important good that needs to be protected. To this end, we operate an information security management system as per ISO 27001.

Energy management system – ISO 50001

How we handle energy is everybody’s business. For constant improvement of our energy efficiency, Sonopress agrees to be bound to evaluate its energy consumption systematically, to plan energy-saving methods and to monitor the implementation thereof. The energy management system, which we introduced voluntarily, supports us with the energy-related optimisation of our systems and processes. Regular independent inspection certifies that we are following the provisions of ISO 50001.


The environmental activities of Sonopress will continue in the future to be guided by the pursuit of continuous improvement of our environmental compatibility. Protection of the environment and consumers plays a significant role in discussions and negotiations with our customers and suppliers. We are greatly committed to motivating our partners to equally contribute to sustainable environmental protection. To protect all resources and the basis of all life, we are committed to following environmental laws and regulations. Some of our standards even exceed our legal obligations.

Standard offset printing (PSO) process

The monitoring, inspection and optimisation of our manufacturing processes go without saying. The offset print process standards label represents a standardised process and consistently high print quality of our products in accordance with the ISO standard 12647-2.


If our customers want, we can verify the origin of the raw materials used when procuring cardboard and paper. We adhere to environmental and social standards and use recycled materials. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label confirms our commitment as a printer and our sourcing of products from well-managed forests.

CO2 Emissions

By using combined heat and power in our production process, we emit 52 per cent less CO2 compared to traditional energy consumption in Germany.We also offer the option to manufacture cardboard and paper products produced by our printers to be climate neutral.


Consumer protection and product safety are a priority for us. That is why we have aligned the manufacture of our products with the REACH Directive. The REACH Directive was introduced to be able to better assess the risks posed by existing and new chemicals to people and the environment. Registering, evaluating and authorising chemicals ensures that only permitted materials are used when producing chemicals in the EU.

As a “downstream user”, we are not subject to REACH registration requirements. Nevertheless, we have had each partner confirm, as part of the duty to provide information and our Environmental Declaration, that the materials delivered conform to standards. This allows us to ensure our production goes ahead with REACH-compliant materials and guarantees a chemically harmless end product. Our official declarations on REACH, RoHS and our Environmental Declaration are available in our Downloads section, under Services.

Responsibility is the foundation of our work. Get more information in our Downloads section.