Films are our passion. We use the latest technology to turn your content into a crystal clear viewing experience. And more: We offer intelligent service solutions all under one roof!

Archiving & Digitisation Services

The unique demands of the video industry mean services with integrated solutions must be available worldwide along the entire value chain, from project management to post-production, authoring, replication, packaging, distribution and supply chain management, financial services and clearing all the way up to electronic content distribution. With production and distribution sites in 18 countries across all continents, Sonopress meets all the requirements of the video industry.

In addition to producing DVDs and Blu-ray discs at our site in Gütersloh, we are also a pioneer in the latest production technologies. Since we began producing Ultra HD Blu-ray discs with 66 and 100 GB storage capacities, we have been setting new standards in delivering a fantastic film experience since 2016.

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