No matter whether it’s an operating system, a navigational program or a handbook – we successful deliver your products to customers. Our data storage media allow us to seamlessly prepare your applications.

CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are ideal storage media to replicate software product with the highest quality standards and bring them to market. Sonopress is a certified Microsoft Authorized Replicator and delivers the complete range of Microsoft software products, such as Office programs and Microsoft operating systems, to licensed OEMs and ODRs both in Germany and abroad. In addition to top quality, we can guarantee problem-free processes, short production times, the highest security standards and absolute adherence to deadlines.

Sonopress also replicates storage media products for the automotive, pharmaceutical and hardware industries, including navigation software, handbooks and drivers and develops customised packaging solutions for these markets. If needed, the complete packaged products can be delivered by individual shipment worldwide. Our flexibility, experience, large production capacities and variety of production types allow us to react quickly to your individual requirements.

I would be happy to advise you one on one!

Jörg Pollmeyer


Vice President Sales

+49 5241 80-75771

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