Archiving & Digitisation Services

Considering moving the storage of your physical archive? Sonopress is happy to take on all aspects of managing your archive.

Archiving Services

We ensure data storage media are stored and maintained under the best possible conditions (temperature, humidity, protection against fire, access control, etc.).

We are also happy to take care of your digital archive. We secure your content on powerful tape robot systems. The protection of two nearline copies (held in different buildings) as well as an offline copy guarantees you optimal security. This strongly minimises the risk of loss.

Physical archive:

  • More than 1 million assets
  • More than 80 different formats
  • More than 25 kilometres of shelf space
  • Optimum archive conditions
  • Highest security standards
  • 2x Sun Storage Tech SL 8500
  • Three copies (2x nearline, 1x offline)
  • Expandable to several hundred petabytes
  • Robots located in several buildings

Digitisation Services

Together with our cooperation partner, DC1, we bring your valuable audio, video and film files, including any accompanying material, into the digital world with high precision technology. Our experts turn your analogue recordings into digital audio, video or film files of the highest standard. This minimises the risk of you losing your content, increases security (duplication) and significantly simplifies access and monetisation of your content.

  • Over 100,000 hours of digitisation capacity per year
  • 8 fully equipped studios
  • More than 80 different formats possible
  • Highly qualified and experienced sound engineers and video technicians
  • All quality levels possible

Do you want to make the best out of your content?