Warehousing & Distribution Services

Have finished entertainment products already? Now all you have to do is get them to your customers. We help you do it with numerous solutions.

In order to survive on the contentious and globalised entertainment market, the value chain must be supported by a number of different channels. No matter whether you’re looking to deliver huge delivery quantities to retailers or distributors or smaller quantities directly to consumers, Sonopress takes care of everything, from warehousing and sales to extremely challenging, customer-specific added value services.

A number of services can be tailored precisely to suit your needs. This ensures the highest level of functionality and enables a hassle-free process.

Transportation Management

Sonopress takes care of all transport-related activities for its customers. Full lorry loads, partial loads, express deliveries or packages delivered directly to consumers are all available to customers at all times thanks to the ARTIS transport management system Sonopress has developed.

Transport Management

  • Assessing, selecting and hiring shipping agents and ongoing quality and performance monitoring of shipping agents
  • Optimal monitoring of your delivery chain thanks to tracking options independent of individual shippers (track & trace)
  • Real-time monitoring of the delivery chain with interactive alarm function in the event of disruptions or delays with quick solution options
  • Covering special deliveries (e.g., to the retailer at a set time or being able to maintain a start date for a market launch) as well as technical emergency deliveries

Freight Charge Management

  • Automated freight charge calculation and simulation
  • Automated invoicing based on payment specifications
  • Financial reports completed in line with customs and fiscal regulations
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Head of Logistics Services

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