Magazine Inserts

We want your products to look good. That’s why we use our magazine inserts to create the attention that you deserve. Customised and in the highest quality.

Whether music or audiobooks on CD, blockbuster films on DVD or Blu-ray – we are experts in the full range of different requirements our customers demand. Magazine inserts need to be produced within an incredibly short period of time in large quantities in exceptional quality. That’s no problem for us!

Magazine inserts make publications and retail products more attractive and encourages more sales. This results in further impulses to buy at the point-of-sale. Quality and adherence to deadlines have top priority for all our customers. Our large production capacities combined with precisely timed production planning and control ensure a smooth process that results in the right quantities being delivered for further processing at the right time – every time.

Publishers looking for video content or requiring a musical repertoire will find us to be a full-service provider. We research film rights and negotiate film licences, settle everything with the German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (GEMA) and compose the DVD in our authoring studio. The end result is the delivery of a complete product for which all of the rights have been cleared and contractually documented.

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