Premastering & Authoring Services

Whether Blu-ray, DVD or CD – we see your project through from preplanning to the finished master. And we find the right solution to every problem.

We proceed based on the assumption that your master was delivered according to specification. Additional premastering and authoring services may be requested on a project-by-project basis by prior arrangement.

CD Audio

Together with our cooperation partner DC1, we offer a comprehensive package of audio services. Experienced sound engineers review and edit your audio content with high end studio technology.

  • Checking the delivered production master media
  • Simple check (track number, ISRC codes, play time)
  • Simple acoustic check (playing back track transitions)
  • Complete acoustic check (complete playback of content)
  • Creating data links from different import media, including gauge and dynamic optimisations and alignments
  • High quality sound editing (filtering, de-noising, de-clicking, fading, etc.)
  • Score editing
  • Inserting ISRC codes and CD text

The original sources provided to us are reviewed for their technical properties and processed as requested where applicable.

  • Checking the delivered production master media
  • Technical quality (compliance with ROM specifications, read errors, etc.)
  • Hash total check of media CRC and accompanying information
  • Virus checks
  • Data formatting according to the latest standards (ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF, Macintosh HFS, hybrid format, etc.)
  • Linking CD audio and CD-ROM tracks (enhanced music CD or CD-EXTRA) Various copy protection processes and quality checks specific to copy protection
DVD Video and Blu-ray Authoring

We offer comprehensive DVD video and Blu-ray authoring services. Our skilled project management team will see your project through from preplanning to the finished master.

  • Creating flowcharts
  • Budgeting
  • Graphic design and menu creation
  • Audio and video editing/post production
  • Audio and video encoding in the specified formats
  • Authoring for DVD video and Blu-ray quality control/specification tests
Digital Conversion

With digital conversion, both physical and online masters are transferred to the digital archive using professional systems and reviewed for their conformity with specifications. The import process is performed with an automatic data integrity function to ensure 1:1 data transfer. Once the data has been successfully transferred, the data is ready for the mastering process.


In the mastering stage, the data prepared by premastering and/or digital conversion are transferred to a glass plate coated with a photoresist (glass master). The integrity of the data is also checked, and each master undergoes a measurement and visual check. In the electro-plating phase, a nickel tool, known as a matrix, is manufactured from the master discs. Climate and hygiene standards (clean room) are important prerequisites for this process. Access controls ensure than only specialist personnel enter the area.

Unique content begs for protection.