Second ‘Eco Record’ From Sonopress In High Demand

The “Eco Record” from the Bertelsmann Marketing Services’ storage media manufacturer Sonopress is in high demand: the environmentally friendly new edition of the album “Demidevil” from American rapper Ashnikko was released at the occasion of “Record Store Day” and is as good as sold out. The company has already received more “Eco Record” orders.

Released in March, “Liam Gallagher John Squire”, the first joint album from the two rock icons, was the first environmentally friendly “Eco Record” to be produced by Bertelsmann Marketing Services’ storage media manufacturer Sonopress in Gütersloh. In a newly developed process, recyclable PET serves as the base material for the records. Compared with vinyl production, the process also results in an energy savings of up to 85 percent. Now, Sonopress has produced the second “Eco Record”: “Demidevil” from American rapper and singer Ashnikko. The new edition of the album, which originally came out in 2021, was released at the occasion of this year’s “Record Store Day” on April 20, a celebration established in 2008 for record stores and the people running them – employees, customers and artists. The interest in the new record was enormous, as documented on social media.


Most of the edition sold out in a short time

Sonopress took over the entire production of the “Eco Record” – the production of the record in a strong pink, and the LP cover on high-gloss silver cardboard, for which the Sonopress subsidiary Topac was responsible. The company cannot provide information about the edition for contractual reasons. Most of the production of “Demidevil – Record Store Day 2024 – Pink Vinyl Edition” sold out in a short time; only a small number of copies are still available in various shops. “We are pleased that we clearly did a big favor for Ashnikko fans with the new edition of the LP ‘Demidevil’ specially released at the occasion of ‘Record Store Day’,” said Sonopress Managing Director Sven Deutschmann about the huge interest and positive feedback. “The look, the haptics and the listening experience convinced them.” More “Eco Record” orders for other companies have already been received. “The increasing demand from the music industry for environmentally friendly ‘Eco Records’ shows us that we made the right decision to offer these records produced in a particularly resource-saving process.”