Sonopress produces Ultra HD for Warner Bros

Sonopress GmbH, a company in the Bertelsmann Group, has produced the highly anticipated Ultra HD Blu-ray disc for the US market on behalf of major Hollywood player Warner Bros. The first titles to be released in this format in early March include Mad Max: Fury Road, The LEGO Movie and blockbusters like San Andreas and Pan. UHD BD format features a resolution that is four times higher than traditional Blu-ray discs plus higher storage density, and provides markedly improved contrast in 4K format on the newest generation of TV screens. The innovative new data storage medium has a capacity between 66 and 100 gigabytes. Sonopress is so far one of the few companies in the world to become certified in the production of the new UHD Blu-ray disc.

Jointly launching this high resolution optical disc is the logical continuation of the collaboration between Warner Bros and replication specialist Sonopress. The two companies have already been successfully collaborating on video games for some time. Sonopress is one of the few companies worldwide permitted by Microsoft to manufacture video games for the Xbox console. This past year, they successfully published several titles, including the highly successful games The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight. Richard Siao, Senior Vice President of North America Supply Chain at Warner Bros, Burbank, says, “We value Sonopress’ professional support in implementing our projects. The company’s innovative approach and technical expertise absolutely spoke for themselves when introducing the promising UHD BD video format.” Sven Deutschmann, CEO of Sonopress, adds, “We are glad of the opportunity to work together with Warner Brothers, and are honoured to be able to contribute to the market success of this new video format as well as to Warner Bros’ excellent films.”

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