Sonopress wins coveted innovation award

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) has awarded Sonopress for its market launch of the Ultra HD Blu-ray 100 optical disc, naming it “Best Digital Product or Service Innovation for 2016”. Sonopress CEO Sven Deutschmann had the opportunity to accept the prestigious award during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas late last week. The CES is the world’s largest trade fair for consumer technologies and a global gathering place for leading technology firms and innovative companies from the entertainment sector.

“If the industry wants to be able to do the needs of consumers for innovative and versatile forms of supplying content justice, we need to offer a truly excellent medium in order to deliver content to consumers,” said DEG President Amy Jo Smith at the awards ceremony. Smith continues, “So, we are pleased to be able to honour Sonopress with the first DEG Digital Product Innovation Award for its role in the successful launch of 4K Ultra HD discs.” For Sven Deutschmann, the distinction from the industry group is a well-deserved reward for the pioneering work of the whole Sonopress team over the last year: “The Ultra HD Blu-ray 100 represents a quantum leap in the development of digital storage media. We’re very proud to be leading the way for the entire industry with this innovative technology.” By summer of 2016, Sonopress had already become one of the first companies in the world to obtain the certification to produce the new optical discs, which are designed as “triple layer” discs and can hold up to 100 gigabytes of data, and the world’s first company to produce data storage media fully automatically. This was preceded by a period of intensive process development and innovative machine configuration. Sonopress first supplied the Ultra HD BD 100 to the American market. Among the first feature films published on UHD BD 100 were Hollywood blockbusters like Man of Steel and Superman vs. Batman, both by Hollywood giant Warner Bros. Studios. Sonopress has now produced more than two million Ultra HD Blu-ray discs at its main plant in Gütersloh.

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