The first million have been delivered

Sonopress manufactures Ultra HD discs for Hollywood studios and distributors. It has now been six months since they began production in March. Sonopress, a company in the Bertelsmann Group, has already produced and delivered one million Ultra HD Blu-ray discs (4K).

Customers are increasingly demanding this innovative storage medium, which features storage capacities of 66 or 100 gigabytes, and include such Hollywood studios as Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures as well as smaller independent studios and film distributors like Concorde Home Entertainment. So far, Sonopress is one of the few companies in the world to become certified in the production of the new UHD Blu-ray disc. “At the start of the year we could never even have hoped that we would be breaking the one million mark after just a few months,” says Sonopress CEO Sven Deutschmann. “As one of the pioneers in this new segment, Sonopress is now well on its way. We are not only producing for the European markets, but have also delivered a number of titles to the North American media market as well,” continues Deutschmann. After the company, headquartered in Gütersloh with further production sites in Mexico and Hong Kong, had produced a UHD with a storage capacity of 66 gigabytes back in March, it launched the world’s first fully automatically produced Ultra HD Blu-ray with a storage capacity of up to 100 gigabytes just two months later, carving out its leading market position in this segment along the way. In terms of how UHD might continue to develop in the market, Deutschmann is optimistic: “Demand is consistently high, the format continues to be on the up internationally, and key trade fairs like the IFA in Berlin are focusing on it.” The executive promised further momentum thanks to the new games consoles with Ultra HD Blu-ray drives, such as Microsoft’s Xbox One S. After all, Sonopress has also been producing a range of top titles for some of the leading games publishers for many years now.

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